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MSN is a medical billing company that provides innovative, efficient billing services and practice management solutions to physician practices nationwide. The scope of experience on our management team combined with proactive communications, leading technology and proven “no shortcut” processes provides a partner that your practice can trust now and as healthcare continues to change.



The MSN Difference

Why are so many choosing MSN over the competition? Find out how MSN can make a difference in your business.

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The Tools for Success

MSN's technologically advanced tools bring greater efficiencies and visibility to every aspect of your business.

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Meet our Management Team

Our management team provides numerous years of experience in the medical billing industry.

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Why Choose MSN? We'll Tell You!

Image Align Left It is becoming more and more challenging for physician practices to effectively deal with the task of billing and collecting for their services. Declining reimbursement and ever- changing regulations make billing in-house harder to cost justify and more difficult to maintain effectively.

At the same time, many medical billing companies are having to cut corners and reduce resources and services in an attempt to maintain profitability. Management Services Network (MSN) is uniquely positioned to help practices struggling with these concerns. In most cases, MSN proves to be a more cost effective solution than in-house billing. At the same time, MSN takes no short cuts in providing its services. This is made possible by continuing to take advantage of technology in creating efficiencies.

Because MSN’s management team consists of people who have not only been practice managers but also are actively involved in industry organizations, we are able to understand how to implement processes and procedures to do the job right. We also understand the importance of clear, effective and proactive communication with our clients in order to provide visibility into their practice and guidance for the future.

MSN was established in 1995 with the concept of providing billing and A/R management services to physician practices as though we were an extension of the practice and in true partnership. Being privately held, we are able to maintain our focus on what is best for our clients as opposed to what Wall Street expects. It is this customer focus that has led to MSN’s steady growth and high level of client satisfaction. At MSN, it is the people, processes, technology and communication that make the difference.

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    “The decision to close our office and outsource billing was difficult, but inevitable with the retirement of our long-standing office manager. Our group spent considerable time interviewing and researching possible candidates, before settling on MSN to handle out billing needs. We are now one year into this venture and I can confidently state that we made the right decision. Their IT expertise made the transition seamless. Billing collections, data analysis and customer service have all met or exceeded our expectations. It is comforting that they are only a phone call away should any question or issue arise. I am sure this will be a lasting partnership because of their professional and personable handling of our account” - Dr. Reed Bumgarner, Western Colorado Radiologic Associates